40 Days allows mobile Christians to celebrate Lent on the go!  Keep track of what you are giving up for Lent.   If you do give in to temptation, this app will track that too and help you to make up for it after Easter.  Don't know what to give up this year?  40 Days provides many great suggestions.
Start each session with an inspirational picture and quote.
Track everything you are giving up for Lent.
Track your Lent Fasting.
Track your Lent Prayers
Choose from our lists or add your own observances.
At a glance Calendar View shows your progress.
40 Days 
Lent Observance Tracker
How To Use 40 Days to Observe Lent:
Setup Screen allows you to choose from things to Give Up, Prayer commitments and Fasting.  And in case you make a mistake in your observance, you can select a Charity to commit to making your amends to.
40 Days provides many types of Prayers to track.

Select an amount to atone for if you happen to miss this commitment.

Select how often you are committing to  celebrate this particular observance.
Add something you want to Give Up for Lent.

Select an amount to atone for if you happen to make a mistake in abstaining from this commitment.

This type of observance is tracked daily.
Key Features
Celebrate Lent on the Go!
Don’t see how you wish to celebrate listed? Add your own observance.
Some example Charities* are provided ...
... or you can add your own!

All thats needed is a Name, and a URL for the Charity’s home page.

For Example:

Charity Name: 
Direct Relief Intl.

Charity URL:   
During Lent, 40 Days opens to the Daily screen by default, and allows you to easily record your progress.

For those observances you choose to abstain from, you increase or decrease the daily counter of mistakes.

For those observances you commit to performing, you check them off as you complete them.
The Calendar screen gives you an at a glance overview of how you are doing.
The Statistics screen shows you a detailed view of your progress.

When Lent is over, you can tap the “Visit Charity” button to visit your selected charity and make a donation for the amount you committed to atone for.
*NOTICE: Charities are provided only as examples, and Samadhi Games makes no warranty about the fitness of any particular charity.
May God Bless You.
Lent Starts February 13th, 2013.
Lent is the 40 Days between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday (not including Sundays), the first period of the Easter Cycle.  The traditional purpose of Lent is to prepare for Easter by Abstaining, Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.
What is Lent?
“The 40 Days app is a fantabulous and fun way to keep track of your Lent commitments.”
- Aricka Flowers, The iPhone App Reviewhttp://www.theiphoneappreview.com/02/40-days-lent-observance-tracker-iphone-app/http://www.theiphoneappreview.com/02/40-days-lent-observance-tracker-iphone-app/http://www.theiphoneappreview.com/02/40-days-lent-observance-tracker-iphone-app/shapeimage_24_link_0shapeimage_24_link_1shapeimage_24_link_2
“Being simple to navigate and pleasant to look at, it’s a nice way for busy Christians to reflect and usher in the Easter holiday.”
- Jennifer Beam, AppCraverhttp://www.appcraver.com/track-and-atone-with-40-days-lent-observance-tracker/http://www.appcraver.com/track-and-atone-with-40-days-lent-observance-tracker/http://www.appcraver.com/track-and-atone-with-40-days-lent-observance-tracker/http://www.appcraver.com/track-and-atone-with-40-days-lent-observance-tracker/shapeimage_25_link_0shapeimage_25_link_1shapeimage_25_link_2shapeimage_25_link_3
“The first thing that strikes me about 40 Days – Lent Observance Tracker is the beautiful interface ...”
- Yoyo, iPhone Footprinthttp://www.iphonefootprint.com/2010/02/40-days-lent-observance-tracker-on-the-iphone-makes-lent-season-hassle-free/http://www.iphonefootprint.com/2010/02/40-days-lent-observance-tracker-on-the-iphone-makes-lent-season-hassle-free/http://www.iphonefootprint.com/2010/02/40-days-lent-observance-tracker-on-the-iphone-makes-lent-season-hassle-free/shapeimage_26_link_0shapeimage_26_link_1shapeimage_26_link_2
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